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I am known as many things to many different people. My two mischievous daughters can be heard yelling “Mama!” from across the room. My brother refers to me as the responsible one. My mom calls me an old soul, while my dad jokes about how we’re fishing partners (i.e., drinking buddies). To my friends, I’m known fondly as “the local expert”. And my hometown remembers me as the 2002 Hopkins Raspberry Festival Queen and Miss Congeniality. I proudly add to that list: craft beer lover, former Floridian, Minnesota Gopher, rule follower and “Rosie the Realtor”. I live for the discovery of new places, the sanctuary of home, the opportunity for new relationships, and the passion for connecting my clients with a place to grow new roots.

A proud homegrown supporter, I am a regular patron at several local establishments in the western burbs. You shouldn’t be surprised to see me working away on my laptop at Dave’s Town Club in Delano, or meeting clients at Birch’s on the Lake. I can’t get enough of Country Cupboard’s famous 5 Fruit pie in Long Lake and could eat dinner every single night at Sushi Fix in Wayzata. Through my real estate activities, I am motivated to honor the past of this great state, while laying the groundwork for the next generation of juicy-lucy-eating, craft-beer-drinking, state-fair-loving Minnesota homeowners.

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